How do I order Title work at Heartland Title?

“There are a variety of ways to order title work at Heartland Title.” 

Heartland Title’s number one goal for you as a lender or realtor is to make every process easy and efficient for you. 

 That being said, the easiest way is to text or call TJ …. ha I am just kidding. 

But in all reality , you really are ok to call or text Tom or TJ whenever you need something.

That is the family difference at Heartland title. They will never lose track of where they came from and how much personal service means in their business.

However, and all joking aside, Heartland does ask that you submit all Refinance orders,  Contracts ,and Preliminary Title orders to


2. You can also visit their website at and click on the 

“Online order” tab.

3. Lastly you can call in a title order to any of their three office locations. “


-John Ringgold- Keller Williams One Legacy Partners