For Sale By Owner

Dear For Sale By Owner,

On behalf of Heartland Title we are excited that you, the consumer, are excited to use Heartland Title for your home transaction! Thank you for your trust!

Please understand that the home buying and selling process is very complex and requires a certain level of expertise in order for the transaction to happen smoothly.

It will always and forever be Heartland Title’s policy for our Team to recommend you seek real estate advice from a local real estate professional. If you would like find a local and knowledgeable realtor or banking professional, Heartland Title recommends you visit one of the following websites to find a realtor or lender in the neighborhood.

In the event you have made the decision to bypass the advice of a real estate professional please see the BLANK CONTRACT links below.

Also at this time Heartland will not and cannot give real estate advice of any nature at anytime during this transaction. We also cannot give you specific contract advice. So we please ask that you do not ask for it.

Heartland Title specializes in the art of the Closing and Title process. We do not specialize in giving real estate or lending advice. We appreciate your understanding and look forward to closing your transaction in a timely and efficient manner!


TJ Lorson


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