Small Business: What Most Forget.

Small Business: What Most Forget.

Small business is something else.

Pride in your craft is by far the most rewarding element.

All great service organizations start with one mantra and one mantra only.

“Out hustle at every point of the customer service supply  chain.”

In a world of confusing marketing messages, constant scrutiny, and where companies believe that offering internal value to themselves comes first, while second comes maximizing their own resources to exceed status-quo customer service promises, sometimes we lose sight of what really matters the most and what makes our world/business go round:

“Our customers”

We fail to ask the most important question on a daily basis

“How do we become better for our customers?”

Few and far between, business owners and leadership fail to admit when they are wrong.

Failure to think, learn, and grow is not only the most challenging thing to do in life, but without a shadow of the doubt the single hardest thing to do in small business.

I would like to share with you a few questions/beliefs that are recommendable to wake up with, go about your day-in and day-out with, eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner with…….and here they are…

  1.  Focus on what matters: How do your customers FEEL when you service their needs/wants?

  2. Are we offering so much value that we are sabotaging our company bottom line?

  3. Can we look in the mirror and be proud about HOW and WHY we go about our business?

  4. What is our Heartbeat? Do we care about our work, our clients, and how we go about our business?

  5. Do we have the WILL to provide OUTSTANDING customer service? Do we know what that looks like?


Now these questions aren’t glamorous and but they do attack the monotonous “grind” of any organization and/or business.


I believe if you constantly and consistently impose those questions on your organization and LEARN from the answers you get back, your organization will inherently take care of the specific customer service mechanics you desire.

You will win.