Checklist! Their Value!

Why Checklist?!


Many companies today require their employees to use simple checklists in order to complete tasks while reducing mistakes and increasing speed and efficiency. Whether you work in the retail or food service industry or in a small business or corporate environment (like a real estate office) checklists are becoming synonymous with getting your job done. How can following a checklist help you in your job?


Real Estate agents and lenders can be very busy and may become swamped with emails and phone calls. A daily checklist that includes responding to all urgent phone calls and emails can help ensure nothing important falls through the cracks.


When you’re preparing a contract with your buyer or seller a checklist can help ensure that all of the information your title company needs is included. Such items as the seller’s marital status and the name of spouse, and for the buyer, the names of everyone they wish to have on the deed and whether they want a joint tenancy deed or remain tenants in common. Are there any out-of-the-ordinary issues that might come up such as quitclaim deeds? Have you communicated those with the title company? A simple checklist can aid you in making sure the closing transaction and recording of your client’s deeds and mortgages go smoothly.


Lenders checklist can help aid accuracy when the borrower is signing their mortgage. Are they signing exactly as their name appears? Is their name in the notary the same as on the mortgage?


With that said, a checklist doesn’t always have the answers that one is looking for, especially when it comes to real estate. Sometimes you just have to ask someone for help or advice when something unusual happens and that is ok. Never be afraid to ask questions, that is how people grow in a company and learn new things. Plus in real estate weird things are always going to pop-up and having to ask a question will be inevitable.


Amanda McDonald

Escrow Processor

Heartland Title